Build Your Own Public Network.

Invest In The Future & Earn Passive Income Through Ownership of Public Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Coming July 2020!

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EV Initiative, Inc provides a fully managed, maintained and automated solution for private ownership of electric vehicle charging stations. We help investors take their first steps from purchasing their EV charging stations, finding host locations for their chargers, installing the charging stations at their host locations and providing them with ongoing management and maintenance of their investment in commercial EV charging stations.

Help Expand The Local EV Charging Network


Hosts provide measurable benefits to our environment and health by increasing EV charging access.

Build A Profitable Passive Business.


Once your charging station network is up and running, there is very little effort involved to keep your business running. Plus you have EV Initiative's help and guidance along the way. 

Set Your Own Access Fee

You name the price/hr you would like to make above the cost of electricity. Most hosts set their access fee at $2.50/hr. Have your charging revenue deposited directly to your bank account.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Place a $200 deposit today to reserve your opportunity to partner with us.

Place Your $200 Deposit Now.

Our Intelligent Level 2 7.6kw EV charging stations

  • Powerful 7.6kW output, adjustable to 5.8kW or 3.8kW

  • 18’ cable standard

  • Cable holder & Connector holster

  • 3-year warranty, 5-year optional

  • UL safety certified in the U.S. and Canada

  • Slim, attractive design

  • All-weather durability

  • Level 2 AC, single port (dual port pedestal available)


Plus the following commercial features:

  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) Compliant

  • Pay per event, per hour, per kWh, or any custom combinations

  • Data collection and reporting online for easy management and fleet tracking

  • Point of Sale payment options

  • LAN and Cellular communications

  • Access control options

Place Your $200 Deposit Now.

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