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Customized EV Charging Solutions

EV Initiative, Inc provides a fully managed, maintained and automated solution for hosting EV Charging Stations at commercial, retail and residential properties across the greater Toronto area.

Host Locations Benefits Inculde:

  • Increase property value​

  • Become a leader in sustainability

  • Increase foot traffic with destination charging. 

  • Tenant retraction and retention

  • Create new streams of revenue 

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Fully Managed Solution

100% Maintained



How It Works

Privately owned EV charging Stations
Hosted at various locations across the GTA
Revenues are generated through usage fees 

Host Locations

Property owners and managers may want to start thinking about including charging stations in their buildings, as being an early adapter can have its benefits, including:


  • Tenant attraction and retention:

Offering charging is a direct way for property owners and managers to attract and retain tenants who own electric cars. Hosting a EV charging station is a highly visible way to exemplify a building’s or property management company’s environmental values.

  • Employee attraction and retention:

Buildings or companies that offer charging may be able to attract and retain employees who want to charge EVs during the day. In addition, it can be very important to many employees, even those who do not drive EVs, that their building or employer is proactive with transportation planning.


  • Advertising opportunities:

Every time that an EV driver visits a charging station, there is an opportunity to advertise. A station host could advertise its own products or services in this way, or sell advertising space to another organization.


Installation Services





Whether you are a first time Electric Vehicle buyer, or adding to your fleet of EVs, EV Initiative, Inc can help design and install the ideal charging setup for your home or business. We install every type of EV charger for every type of EV, and have experience with every electric vehicle. Our straightforward estimating and quotation process will cover it all! We value your time, which is why our estimating process is designed around your schedule! You can email us several guided pictures at your convenience during the evening or weekends. If you are in our service area, we can also schedule an in-person site visit if needed. 

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